Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Blog...What am I thinking?

Have you ever had an idea?  An idea that seemed rather simple until you began to execute it and you realized there is no such thing as simple?  That is how my book idea began.  Write my stories in a blog, convert it to a book and try to get it published.  Difficult to do, but a straightforward plan.  Well, it seems it's not that simple.  The closer I have gotten to finishing my book, the more I realized that with readily accessible social media, online publishing forums, etc., there is a lot involved in getting yourself ready to find that elusive agent.

It seems that "having a platform" before you approach agents is a good idea.  Not required, but a good idea. So, I started twitter accounts.  Some exposure is a good idea.  So, I started submitting guest blog posts related to my book topic.  These things are going well, but they divide time devoted to actual book writing.  So now I have a time and directional management issue.  I have read guidelines about how much of your time should be devoted to writing versus time spent on social media and marketing.  Guidelines are great.  But when you factor in a job, five kids, a household and life in general, I usually feel like I am already in the negative.

So, I add another blog to the mix.  Smart, right?  Here is my thought.  This is a simplification, not a complication.  I think this blog will help give me a streamlined direction by having an "umbrella" blog, so-to-speak, where all of my writing can be found.  I can track posts, update links to things I have had published and share ideas and experiences about this process as I learn.  I can also direct anyone who may want to see my work to this site to find anything I have done.

So there it is.  It's not a crazy as it sounds, right?

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